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Bride-a-Brac Conversion Parts

Bride-a-Brac Conversion Parts

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Did you know there're multiple ways to enjoy the Bride-a-Brac Case? It's not just a "lunch box" or a top handle bag. With this conversion, you can turn it into a crossbody bag!

What Does it Do for You

  • Convert and transform this catchall SLG into a proper bag

  • Increase your cost per use so your hard earned money is well spent

  • No complicated installation is required and no damage to your investment

  • Easy to put on and take off when needed


    • Please allow an additional processing time when ordering this item as these straps are made to order.
    • Slight color variation is normal and may be visible. This item is not recommended for those who are sensitive to

    Note: designer pouch shown is not included, it is used for display only and the images help to show how the product works.




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