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Classic Speedy Encasement

Classic Speedy Encasement

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Tired of carrying your Speedy bag in your hands or on your arm? Or kicking yourself for not paying that extra $400 to get the Speedy Bandouliere with a strap? Don't give up your baby just yet! With this Encasement you can enjoy your beautiful classic speedy like a Speedy Bandouliere! 

What Does it Do for You:

  • Turn your speedy bag 25 or 30 into a crossbody bag and enjoy it hands free

  • Increase your cost per use so your hard earned money is well spent

  • No complicated installation is required and no damage to your investment

  • Use the encasement without the shoulder strap and use the encasement as a base shaper

  • Made of real cowhide leather that matches with the quality of your luxury investment

What is Included:

  1. Encasement

  2. Adjustable crossbody strap (5 holes, 39-47inch) Explore other strap options here. 

  3. Lock and key 

How to Choose Sizing:

  1. Size 25 encasement is made to fit classic Speedy 25 

  2. Size 30 encasement is made to fit classic Speedy 30

How to Choose Color:

  1. Brown: perfect match to damier ebene Speedy bag but can also be used on classic speedy that has dark patina, genuine treated calf leather

  2. Vachatta: perfect match to monogram Speedy bag, genuine untreated raw leather that would patina (darken) over time. 

NOTE: bag shown is not included, it is used for display purposes only and the images help to show how the product work. This encasement is designed for speedy made in canvas material, it may not work as intended with other material such as leather speedy. 

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