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22 Bag Protect Me Chain Protector (set of 4 pieces)

22 Bag Protect Me Chain Protector (set of 4 pieces)

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What is the biggest wear and tear of a bag? Other than the corners, it would be the chain straps area having direct contact against the leather part of the bag. Some leather can be delicate so after constant use, it would show significant wear and tear. This accessory is to solve that problem so you can enjoy your favorite bag without compromising your enjoyment of it. 

What Does it Do for You

  • Helps to reduce signs of use and carry your beautiful bag worry free

  • Made of genuine leather to match with the quality of your designer bag 
  • Protect your designer bag from wear and tear caused by constant rubbing of the chain against the leather
  • Prolong your investment and keep your bag looking newer longer

  • Blend seamlessly with the original design of the bag and no one can tell this is your secrete of keeping your bag in pristine condition 

  • Increase your chance of receiving more money back if you choose to sell your bag one day

  • Easy to put on and take off and anti-slip design means these are secure once inserted

Note: designer bag shown is not included
, it is used for display only and the images help to show how the product works.  Will not fit mini bag 22.

Product comes in a set of 4 pieces. One set is good for one bag’s transformation.  



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