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Holiday Beauty Pouch Conversion Kit

Holiday Beauty Pouch Conversion Kit

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Need a matching designer bag for your little one? Or wanting one for yourself but tight on budget? This conversion kit is here to save the day. With these useful tools, you'll be able to convert and designer beauty pouch into a handbag! The best part is that it'll be uniquely yours.  

What Does it Do for You:

  • Turn any designer beauty pouch into a functional handbag

  • Pair with a fun strap so you can look as dressed up or as causal as you like

  • Transformation is easy and perfect for someone that wants a fun DIY project
  • An extra bag means you can rotate your handbags more and allow your other bags to rest

 Important: *This conversion kit requires installation. Tool that is not provided is a hammer. Please only purchase this item if you enjoy DIY. Designer beauty pouch is NOT included. 

Add a chain or a leather strap to glam up your NEW bag!

Note: designer pouch is not included, it is used for display only and the images help to show how the product works. 

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