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Bagex Protect Me Base Protector

Bagex Protect Me Base Protector

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What is the biggest wear and tear of a bag? The corners! Your designers bags are expensive investment and they should be protected. This base protector is designed just for that.

What Does it Do for You

  • Helps to reduce signs of use and carry your beautiful bag worry free

  • Protect your designer bag from dirt, stains, spills, virus, and direct contact with any surface thanks to its water resistant material

  • Prolong your investment and keep your bag looking newer longer

  • Blend seamlessly with the original design of the bag or go for a color blocking look and you’ll have a unique bag that you can call it your own masterpiece

  • Increase your chance of receiving more money back if you choose to sell your bag one day

  • Easy to put on and take off for cleaning

How to Choose Sizing:

  1. Gabrielle Small: 20cm x 8cm (8" x 3") base

  2. Gabrielle New Medium: Only works on New Medium with Base 26cm x 9 cm (10" x 3.5")

Note: designer bag shown is not included, it is used for display only and the images help to show how the product works.

Important: Do not keep the base protector on when storing the bag. It may cause slight color transfer on lighter bags when the protector is on without removal for more than 3 months. 


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