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Steel Wired Pearl Strap

Steel Wired Pearl Strap

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Who said diamonds are girls' best friends? It should be pearls are girls' best friends! Instantly elevate your style and handbag with these luscious pearl straps! 

What Does it Do for You:

  • Take your pouch or bag to the next level with extra glam and chicness.¬†

  • Well constructed and reinforced with¬†steel wired straps. They would last much longer than the traditional fishing wire pearl straps.¬†

  • No installation required, just clip and ready to look fabulous

How to Choose Length: 

  • 25cm and 40 cm are great for decoration or use a strap extender¬†

  • 100cm is great for petite size, under 160cm as a crossbody style

  • 110cm is great for 160-170cm in height as crossbody style¬†

  • 120cm is great for 170cm and above¬†

Pearl Bead Size: 

  • 25cm pearl strap is 20mm in diameter¬†

  • Silver hardware pearl strap is 8mm in diameter¬†

  • Gold hardware pearl strap is 10mm in diameter

Note: designer pouch is not included, it is used for display only and the images help to show how the product works. 

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