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Shoulder Saver Leather Pad

Shoulder Saver Leather Pad

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Love your neverfull but can’t handle the skinny straps? This Shoulder Saver leather pad is here to help.

What Does it Do for You:

  • No more digging into your shoulder and leaving embarrassing red marks

  • Increase your enjoyment of your favorite bag as you can look beautiful and feel comfortable at the same time

  • Better posture as weight is evenly distributed with a wider contact surface

  • Carry as much as you want without worrying too much about weight and comfort

  • Easy attachment and removal with snap buttons and will fit on most skinny strap totes

  • Made of real cowhide leather that modes to your skin

How to Choose Color:

  1. Black: for special edition monogram bags;

  2. Brown: for damier ebene bags;

  3. Vachetta: newer monogram and damier azur bags; and

  4. Patina: older monogram bags with aged (yellowed) vachetta leather.


NOTE: Bags shown are not included, they are used for display purposes only and the images help to show how the product works.

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